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Me and Maria

from General Store by Owen Temple



I sent Maria North last summer said I'd follow over soon
I'm reminded of my promise 'neath a yellow desert moon
I can hear the crickets song again it's time for me to go
Cross over the border get out of Mexico
By the bank I scan the darkness and watch the river rollin' past
I crouch down in the water hidden by the grass
And I wade that muddy river till I reach the other side
I scramble through the bushes and out into the night

And a foreign land is all that stands between me and Maria
I cross the line with her in mind my only chance to see her

I rush silent through mesquite brush no thought of slowin' down
Movin' over the barbed wire fence I never made a sound
And I'd sent word to Maria where to meet me before dawn
I knew she would not fail me I prayed nothing would go wrong
So I inched across the fencelines and rushed across the roads
I was watching close for green and white INS Broncos
And at least I reached the crossroads before morning's light
Soaked with sweat and torn by thorns Maria nowhere in sight


So I hid off in the brush paralyzed by fear
I searched my brain for answers why Maria was not here
And the sky turned gray as dawn approached still I saw no sign
Of Maria down that long highway I was runnin' out of time
Then a flicker down the pavement dropped me to the dust
With the rush of tires on asphalt I looked out through the brush
And my heart leapt to my throat the patrol Bronco passed
I met the eyes of sweet Maria cryin' through the glass
I stood and watched them disappear speeding down the road
I walked out on the blacktop then turned my head to go
On the quiet early morning my heart heavy filled with pain
I crawled across the barbed wire headed back the way I came


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)


from General Store, released September 21, 1997


all rights reserved



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