Passing Through

by Owen Temple

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released October 4, 1999

Song Lyrics:

Produced by Lloyd Maines
Engineered by Fred Remmert
Recorded at Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, Texas

Owen Temple - Acoustic
Lloyd Maines - Electric guitar, Acoustic, Pedal steel, Mandolin, Dobro, Harmony vocals
Michael Tarabay - Bass
Darcie Deaville - Fiddle
Bukka Allen - Accordion, Piano
Mark Patterson - Drums
Zack Taylor - Drums
Fred Remmert - Percussion
Terri Hendrix - Harmony vocals
Ryan Lynch - Harmony vocals


all rights reserved


Track Name: Downtown
Downtown's all closed down
They've boarded up all the windows
Just like an old ghost town
The storefronts are empty
There's no one around

Downtown's all closed down
A small town in Texas by the courthouse in the square
The middle of the afternoon and there's nobody there
Well I shook my head and wondered
Where the businesses had gone
There used to be everything that you'd ever need
Now just the bank's still holdin' on


The old drugstore is vacant
And the café's locked its doors
The movie marquis is falling down
There's no more hardware store
So I sat down on a bench
I watched a car go driving by
I wondered what had killed downtown
And how the people could let it die


The railroad brought the people here
Now the interstate draws them away
It moved the steady business east
Left these old buildings behind to stay
But some folks in town remember
A time not too long ago
When a film called Casablanca played
At the town square picture show


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Driving Myself Crazy
I guess it's been some time
Since my feet been on solid ground
They've been hovering over the road
That my wheels keep rollin' down
And I bet you that these truckers
They must wonder who I am
To keep speedin' past 'em up the road
And heading right back down again

It's all that I can do Just to keep it between the lines
The hum of the road keeps humming through my mind
After this many miles it all gets a little hazy
I've been here before I'm just driving myself crazy

A locomotive blowing smoke and glittering in the sun
Raced me by the road and I'm proud to say I won
But maybe I lost 'cause I don't know what its worth
To keep spinning these wheels along with the spinning of the earth


The road is a raging river and I just follow where it leads
I don't pay too much attention to those old trucks in the weeds
Rusting at the junk yards on the outskirts of town
This old truck's still running, I got no time to slow it down


(Owen Temple, Paul Lee)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Can't Keep My Mind Off You
All night I tossed and turned
I couldn't sleep a wink
I laid there in the dark
I couldn't help but think
About those miles between you and me
Then I gave up on sleeping and I reached for my keys

I can't keep my mind off you
No matter where I go
No matter what I do
Even looking up at the sky of blue
I can't keep my mind off you

Rolling down a highway all alone
I hear Bob Wills playin' Rose my Rose of San Antone
And it's just me, there's no other cars
Riding in the dark with a windshield full of stars


Now the sky around me turns a little gray
The sun is coming up bringing on a brand new day
As I wake you with the phone
I say you're startin' this day early
But you ain't spending it alone


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Treat You Like I Do
I broke your heart one more time
I came home you were crying
I love you babe you know it's true
But I can't keep from hurtin' you
Cause I go out to those roadside bars
Livin' fast beneath the stars
And you just want your man at home
Or at least a call on the telephone

I don't know why I treat you like I do
It's got more to do with me than it's got to do with you

When that evening sun goes down
There ain't no doubt where I'll be found
Dim lights, a crowd, and a smoke-filled room
Forget I said I'd be home soon
And by the time I find our front door
You just can't wait up no more
You thought a man that cared for you
Could do the things you ask him to


Last night I came home you were gone
Lord knows I've done you wrong
I guess its time that I lost you
I'm sorry for the time I cost you


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Lights of Town
The red sun's going down, I'll be waiting up again
Wondering where you are tonight
Out with all your friends
And I guess that you don't think about
The home you left behind
But I'd give everything to get you out of my mind

You thought a quiet ranch road
Was good enough back then
But now you need those city lights and bars to go sit in
And I wonder where the old you goes
When all the bars close down
'Cause I can just listen to the crickets sing
but you need the lights of town

The lights of town are blinding you now
You can't even see
That part of you you left behind
When you walked out on me
But when those city lights go dim
and you're left all alone
I wonder if you could find
Your way back home

You forget about the moon in a bar full of neon lights
You can't remember holding hands
On chilly autumn nights
And though it seems to you
That the starts have lost their shine
They're glowing bright as ever darling
Past the city limits sign


In the middle of the night I sometimes watch the road
I see the headlights move on past
And I shiver from the cold
By now the doors are locked downtown
And still no sign of you
The lights of town have broke the heart
That loved you once so true


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Open Window
Through the open window I can hear a passing train
In the gentle wind I can smell the coming rain
I can tell its dusk by the shadow on the wall
But I don't know if you're in love with me at all

I can watch the sky and I always seem to know
Just before an old blue norther's gonna blow
I can tell that summer's giving was to fall
But I don't know if you're in love with me at all

Maybe you could show some kind of sign
And then at least I'd know that you never will be mine
Maybe you could say so I'd believe
That you love me and you're never gonna leave

With the winter wind the autumn leaves will fall
But I don't know if you're in love with me at all

Just before you go I'm gonna see it in your eyes
And I'll feel it in your gentle alibis
I'll hear it like that lonesome whistle's call
And I'll know you weren't in love with me at all
And I know you'll never be in love at all

(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Listening to the AM
I pulled out of Charleston West Virginia
In the middle of the night
I made it down to Nashville town
When the sun was shining bright
I'm headed out west on a four day run
And I've got to make pretty good time
I gotta make a living livin'
My life chasing down a broken white line

So I ride this road and I try to get where I'm going
A cup of coffee and thoughts of home are all that help
And I'll spend another midnight early morning
Listening to the AM and talking to myself

Kingman Arizona's
Just three hundred miles away from old LA
And I stopped to take a nap in Flagstaff
But I've still got to drive all day
And when the sun sets out
On the desert you never seen such a beautiful sight
But at two AM in the desert man
You never seen a blacker night


I made it into LA
Just about the time I swore I had to get off the road
And I checked in to a motor inn
I turned the air condition way down cold
I slept all day then I woke up around about ten PM
I grabbed a bite to eat at a little cafe
Then I hit the road again


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: House of Cards
We live in a house of cards so tall
It looks fine on the outside but it's bound to fall
But the looking good is easy
It's the feeling good that's hard
And this house is just a house of cards

We've been bluffing each other for almost seven years
We both put on our best poker face
But inside we're filled with tears
I bet our love and lost in too many other secret games
Now the love is spent and just the marriage remains


You wear a diamond but you've got a broken heart
We look like the perfect paid but we're far apart
It just a matter of time until the shiny surface fades
And all that I've done wrong pays back in spades


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: One Less Thing to Worry About
I was late for work
My boss is a jerk
He said don't let it happen again
But when I got my check
I said what the heck
I'll spend a weeknight out with friends
The last thing I recall
About the old dancehall
Was thinking I should probably get home soon
But at least I enjoyed becoming unemployed
I woke up at the crack of noon

That's one less thing to worry about
Work was a jail and I busted out
I got time on my hands and there ain't no doubt
That's one less thing to worry about

There was a new girl in town
And I seen her around
She was the prettiest thing I'd seen
I had a plan in mind
How to make her mine
At the fair out in Abilene
I won her a prize
And I looked in her eyes
I thought the love I saw there was real
But on a ride in the sky
She met another guy
Left me standing by the Ferris wheel


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Passing Through
Flickering lights mean distant towns
Rolling wheels make humming sounds
The full moon makes the night like day
A lonely road will make you feel this way
When the town square's dark the stoplights flash
A midnight diesel rolls on past
A northern front gives the air a chill
I loved you then and I always will

I just roll the window down
Passing through your hometown

Up at the high school there's noone in sight
But they won their game on Friday night
But now the lights are dark on the field of grass
Where the hometown kid caught the touchdown pass
Now the S.P. rail it makes a lonesome sound
It splits the air and it shakes the ground
Then it's swallowed up in the morning still
I loved you then and I always will


Do the edge of town a store's lit up bright
Gas pumps washed in flourescent light
The cashier nods and jerks awake
At eight AM she says she'll take his break
And now your town recedes in my rear view
I've no idea what became of you
The sun comes up on a distant hill
I loved you then and I always will


(Owen Temple)
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: I Wrote You A Waltz
You heard I was lonely
I heard you were blue
I heard a song in my head
I wrote it down here for you
It's nothing too fancy
Just a few rhyming lines
It's just something to tell you
That you're on my mind

I wrote you a waltz
I wrote it so you could see
That I don't feel like dancing
Unless you're dancing with me
You know that I love you
Won't you give me your hand
I wrote you a waltz so that you'd understand

We've spent time together
We've spent time on our own
I'm tired of spending my money
On a long distance phone
There's no doubt that with dancing
Two's better than one
So come on dancing partner
The song's just begun


Owen Temple
© 1999 Owen Temple Music (BMI)