Right Here and Now

by Owen Temple

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released March 1, 2002

Song Lyrics:

Produced by Phil Madeira
Engineered by Jordan Richter and Phil Madeira
Recorded at Roswell East, Nashville, Texas and at The Mission, Nashville, Tennessee

Owen Temple - Acoustic
Phil Madeira - Electric guitar, Acoustic, Pedal steel, Piano, Mandolin, Accordion, Dobro, Harmony vocals
Mark Robertson - Bass
Al Perkins - Pedal steel
Fats Kaplin - Fiddle, Mandolin
Dennis Holt - Drums
Jake Armerding - Harmony vocals
Greg Trooper - Harmony vocals
Kenny Meeks - Harmony vocals


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Track Name: Accidentally Break My Heart
We've been tangled up like this before
Saying things we both regret
We dig in and start keeping score
We both forgive but we don't forget

It seems like nothing when it's going down
We've got to watch these words we throw around
We've got to stop this game before it starts
You might accidentally break my heart

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But a word could kill me dead
The body will mend whenever it bruises
But you can't take back a thing you said


Hearts get built up and broken with every word we say
Just saying we didn't mean it doesn't make it go away
So I'll tell you what I'm feeling truly
And not just react 'cause the stakes are high
A thousand words could lead us to forever
And a thousand more could lead us to goodbye


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Burning Too Hot to Last
The first time I loved I didn't know how good that it could be
To have another heart see in you everything you hoped they'd see
If someone said the feeling wouldn't last there's no way I'd ever believe
That something I felt so true and fast could ever slip away from me

But the flames of passion burned it up
When early days of attraction passed
Like a meteor entering the atmosphere
Burning too hot to last

And I'm so tired of hearing that a burning heart is the only love that's true
And that the mystery of loving only lasts just as long as the love is new
Cause when the first part's done the real work starts, you get down and roll up your sleeves
The real trick is building an enduring love, the kind that don't ever leave

So the flames of passion can't burn it up
When early days of attraction pass
Like a meteor entering the atmosphere
Burning too hot to last

When the love's not tempered by a common trust, hearts can't take the strain
When the fire's all gone, what you got left is a smoky kind of pain

Yeah, the flames of passion can burn it up
When early days of attraction pass
Like a meteor entering the atmosphere
Burning too hot to last

(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Little Sweet Loss
She was smiling in the sun at a sidestreet café
She had a love in her eyes and an ease in her way
Like her soul was lit up, her heart rung like a bell
I'll never know her name but I remember her well

People you're passing on the street
They're the friends you may never meet
And everybody's paid the cost
Of a little sweet loss

In a downstairs honky tonk, a kindly old gentleman
Sitting at a table alone, a picture of a dog in his hand
He wiped away a tear and I'll never know just why
What thought going through his head was enough to make him cry


There's something going on forever in everything around
Connecting everyone, every sight and sound
I can see through a glass darkly but someday face to face
What do I hope to find by the end of this race

Looking out from a black and white picture that itself is fifty years old
Sitting at a desk in St. Louis talking on the radio
A girl at twenty five, she hopes to realize her dreams
She and I are not so different, there's just some time and space between


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: This Ain't Las Vegas
Look at you and me
We got two hearts
It's not a full house yet
Could be a pretty good start
There's no guarantees
In this hand that we play
We get to keep some cards
We have to throw some away

This ain't Las Vegas
We're not bound to lose
We can win it all
We've just got to choose
To bet on our hearts
We'll get to what's real
Cause we may not always know it
When we've got a good deal

It can make you crazy
Thinking 'bout hands that came before
And it won't help to worry
What shuffled decks have in store
Let's take what we know
And find a way how
To best play this moment
Right here and now


I know you don't like gambling darling
But love's the only game in town
Let's put what we've got on the line
This kind of loving won't let us down

You and me take our chances
Draw 'em one at a time
Look there we got a match
That's makes us two of a kind
Let's raise our bet
And say a little prayer
'Cause no king or queen beats
A couple of hearts and a pair


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: No Daring Is Fatal
We looked for the perfect moment each and every night
Waiting for the timing to be just right
To say what we were feeling between us two
Both afraid of not hearing I love you too
Being in between loving is worse than no love at all
You can't keep walking along the edge of that wall
Got to jump one way together with all your heart
But we tried to keep walking 'til we fell apart

We were so close but so far away
'Cause our true hearts speak words that we don't say
A sure way of not getting what you're dreaming of
No daring is fatal in life and love

We've got one shot at life with no guarantees
We try to build a bridge to what we want to be
Dare to dream and dare to love
Dare to begin what you're thinking of
And our doubts are traitors and they make us lose
What we might win but for the fear to choose
All we can do is give it our best
And try to live life with no regrets

And we're so close but so far away
Because our true hearts speak words that we don't say
A sure way of not getting what you're dreaming of
No daring is fatal in life and love

Living is risky
A few things are certain
If we don't step on the stage
We might as well not raise the curtain

And we're so close but so far away
Cause our true hearts speak words that we don't say
A sure way of not getting what you're dreaming of
No daring is fatal in life and love

(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Move Around Money
Concrete and chrome, I'm spending time
Getting more of what's yours for less of mine
In fluorescent daylight above the ground
Nobody's life's made richer, money moves around
The transfer of wealth is the greatest good
Don't use imagination if you think you could
Art's by corporations, mass produced today
It's more uniform, consistent and it's faster that way

To move around money
Watch it fly
Move around money
Money never dies

Why bother living when you got TV
Easy as changing channels I know what I want to see
Who's got time to consider what it means to be free
I got sitcoms and commercials that's enough for me
I'm bought and sold, I'm glad I got the chance
To express myself with Gap khaki pants
I think I'll make a statement, I've got something to say
I use American Express when I'm asked to pay


I know they care how I feel at my company
'Cause getting sad's bad for productivity
They say added value's what they really want from me
Since I was little is that what I hoped to be
This is the real world not make believe
If money doesn't make you happy then you'd better just leave
You got to make a living so that you can someday
Comfortably regret the life that slipped away

Move around money
Watch it fly
Move around money
Money never dies
Move around money
While you got your chance
Move around money
You can watch it dance

(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: For Old Times' Sake
You called and said let's get together again sometime
You said that lately I'd crossed your mind
It's been a while since we've spoken
I'm pretty sure the last time our hearts got broken

We had something special once but now it's gone
Our lives intersected then we just moved on
I remember like a dream some beautiful days
Before we woke up and love slipped away

And I'd rather remember us the way it was then
Let's not even try to start things up again
The heat of old emotion would be too hard to fake
So let's not meet, for old times' sake

Let's not revisit the past face to face
It was a different time and a different place
Our hearts beat to the same rhythm way back then
But now there's some hurt we might bring up again

We'd just catch up on the basics then have nothing left to say
I'd rather remember you another way
I don't want to see your life's just fine without me
I'd like to keep a hold on old memories


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Before the Night Becomes the Dawn
Before the night becomes the dawn
I'll be beside my only one
Baby knows that when its dark I'm gone
But I'll be back before the night becomes the dawn

I travel up the road with songs to sing
And baby waits at home and wears my ring
She knows that I'll be back just when I can
Baby says she's glad that I'm her man
She understands just why I've got to go
Though she says there's times she'll miss me so
So I don't have extra time to hang around
Cause I know that she's at home in another town


You can make friends out of strangers anywhere
And in any place you can find someone who'll care
A hundred things to do and places you can see
But I'm thinking 'bout that girl that waits for me
You can't make yourself at home in some motel
So when I call to say if things went well
She asks if I'll stay out of town tonight
And I tell her I'll be there by morning's light


By the time the sun has made its trip around
In that bayou city I'll be found
As the shining sun reflects across the sea
In her loving arms is where I'm bound to be


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Trouble With You
What you got is not what you wanted
And what you don't have you think you need
It's a daily human drama
Of insecurity and greed
All that matters is what you're chasing
What you've caught before is out of mind
For the chance to catch what's just out of reach
You'd gladly leave the rest behind

Well you're heading for trouble
And your heartache's 'bout to double
Why can't you be true
That's the trouble with you

There's no such thing as satisfaction
There's no real security
We've got the here and now and maybe tomorrow
The rest is all history
It's what's written in the hearts of others
That's what we should be thinking of
The sum of life's experience
Is the way you treat the ones you love


All you want is everything
And nothing less will do
Just a little bit more of everything
That'll be enough for you


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: The Madder You Are (The Cuter You Get)
Don't try and look so tough
I know what you're trying to do
You think you have to put on a show
For me to pay attention to you
Well baby you've got the floor
And I'm all eyes and ears
You don't have to act angry
For me to say what you want to hear

Oh Scarlet I give a damn now you can act your age
Bravo I love you now you can come offstage
Though I hate to see you simmer down
Even a little bit cause a girl good looking as you
The madder you are the cuter you get
The madder you are the cuter you get

Now your blues eyes are flashing
And your cheeks are getting red
And I can tell that I'm not helping things
With the clumsy words I said
I think I understand where you're coming from
I know what you want me to do
You're pretending to still be mad at me
I'm falling more in love with you


Cool off the drama, how did this begin
What got you so excited so I can do it again

Sometimes I think that lovers
Really enjoy the little tests of will
You love to give me your advice
And I love to give you a thrill
And I guess it's nice to get crossways
Cause sometimes we both can win
The best part of a good clean fight
Is patching things back up again


(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Faith Without Works
What am I doing with my days
I can spend my time so many ways
Work I could do running through my head
But faith without works is dead

There is a meaning you can find
In every action, heart and mind
Uncover this, I thought I heard it said
Cause faith without works is dead

Once I'd seen my reflection in the glass
I could not forget it and walk on past

There is a truth written by a hand
Read it in the sea and sky and land
I'll walk and labor where I'm led
Cause faith without works is dead

We can build cities made of stone
Or we can help a lost heart home
Cities don't last as long as words you said
And faith without works is dead

I heard a perfect law of liberty
Love's the only work that can make us free

There is a work you need most to do
And there is work the world needs most from you
The place where you get both is where you are led
And faith without works is dead

(Owen Temple)
© 2001 Owen Temple Music (BMI)