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by Owen Temple

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Rod Archer
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Rod Archer Such a talented artist, have loved this album from release and now on my 2nd copy! Favorite track: Wanna Wanna Bar.
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released September 21, 1997

Song Lyrics:

Produced by Lloyd Maines
Engineered by Fred Remmert
Recorded at Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, Texas

Owen Temple - Acoustic
Lloyd Maines - Electric guitar, Acoustic, Pedal steel, Mandolin, and Dobro
John Inmon - Electric guitar, Acoustic
Michael Tarabay - Bass
Richard Bowden - Fiddle, Mandolin
Rich Brotherton - Mandolin
Riley Osbourn - Keyboards
Bob Livingston - Harmonica
Stan Smith - Clarinet
John Treanor - Washboard
Bukka Allen - Accordion
Mark Patterson - Drums
Fred Remmert - Percussion
Paul Lee - Harmony vocals
Terri Hendrix - Harmony vocals
Graham Sones - Harmony vocals


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Track Name: When I Hit San Antone
This old skyline takes me back to another time
Years ago in San Antonio I was yours and you were mine
It's been awhile I hope you're doing well
I'm doing fine as far as I can tell

I recall a Sunday by the Riverwalk you and me just walking' around
Music filled the evening air on the streets of old downtown
We guessed about the days to come and the laughter and the tears
But since that time so much has changed I haven't heard from you in years

And when I'm passing through
I always think of you
Are you with someone are you somewhere all alone
I think of you when I hit San Antone

Sometimes Lord you can't help but think what might have been
Would we do it all over if we could do it all again
Sittin' by that fountain is a sweet memory
When you pass by that fountain do you ever think of me


By the bank of the river I held your hand
There was a distance even then I that I couldn't understand
I loved you more than I ever loved before
I loved you though you said I can't see you anymore


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Me and Maria
I sent Maria North last summer said I'd follow over soon
I'm reminded of my promise 'neath a yellow desert moon
I can hear the crickets song again it's time for me to go
Cross over the border get out of Mexico
By the bank I scan the darkness and watch the river rollin' past
I crouch down in the water hidden by the grass
And I wade that muddy river till I reach the other side
I scramble through the bushes and out into the night

And a foreign land is all that stands between me and Maria
I cross the line with her in mind my only chance to see her

I rush silent through mesquite brush no thought of slowin' down
Movin' over the barbed wire fence I never made a sound
And I'd sent word to Maria where to meet me before dawn
I knew she would not fail me I prayed nothing would go wrong
So I inched across the fencelines and rushed across the roads
I was watching close for green and white INS Broncos
And at least I reached the crossroads before morning's light
Soaked with sweat and torn by thorns Maria nowhere in sight


So I hid off in the brush paralyzed by fear
I searched my brain for answers why Maria was not here
And the sky turned gray as dawn approached still I saw no sign
Of Maria down that long highway I was runnin' out of time
Then a flicker down the pavement dropped me to the dust
With the rush of tires on asphalt I looked out through the brush
And my heart leapt to my throat the patrol Bronco passed
I met the eyes of sweet Maria cryin' through the glass
I stood and watched them disappear speeding down the road
I walked out on the blacktop then turned my head to go
On the quiet early morning my heart heavy filled with pain
I crawled across the barbed wire headed back the way I came


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Tennessee Highway
Tennessee Highway Tennessee highway
Take me home to see my Texas baby
Tennessee Highway Tennessee highway
Take me home to see my Texas baby

I been in and out of every bar here in Nashville
Seen nothing but broken promises and empty dreams
Everyone here thinks they're on the verge of stardom
But nothing here is what it seems


Now the Grand Ole Opry ain't playin in the Ryman
They moved it out of down down the road a little ways
They say it's the same but I know something different
From old Hank Williams' days


This motel room is filled with songs that don't ring true
And doing what I love don't make sense like it used to
Deep down inside I guess I always knew
This Tennessee road leads back to you


(Owen Temple, Lendon Lewis)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Dry Creek
Just a way down Mount Bonnel Road
There's a little place where the beer is cold
Dry Creek Café and Dock
No place better come five o'clock
Just off the lake a two story bar
You know you're there when you see the cars
Lined up and parked along
Jukebox playing a Guy Clark song

I want to go down to Dry Creek
Down among the live oak trees
No playing cards or leaving bottles around
You can sit on the deck and watch the sun go down

There's a weathered deck right upstairs
A few odd tables and rusty chairs
Spring days when the hills are green
The view beats all I've ever seen
Feel the Texas sun warm your skin
Ain't it good to be back again
People's voices with the swaying trees
Honeysuckles on a gentle breeze


Sara owns the place and she lives in a shack
A green trailer parked out back
High dollar condos are closing in
And she ain't thinking about giving in
Rumors go around with the offers they make
For the little piece of land there by the lake
She tells 'em all to go to hell
After fifty years she ain't gonna sell


So if you want to keep the bulldozers back
Stop and get a drink at the Dry Creek shack
Watch Lake Austin and the big blue sky
You won't ever have to ask me why


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Wanna Wanna Bar
A seagull cry, a child laugh, an old man orders a drink
It's been ten years since he got here and it hurts to think
That years ago at this beachside bar a woman held his hand
He lost his chance for true romance on South Padre Island

The woman's name was Mary Ann and Gary loved her so
He said be my wife for the rest of your life and she said no
Old Gary was from Indiana all his life a traveling man
He had a dog and a boat and he would float and fish around the island

He's stuck at Wanna Wanna the beachfront bar
sipping on a Coke and rum
The tide rolls in his dreams die out
waiting on a love that won't come
True love never will come

Years ago in California Gary loved a girl named Sue
She and three more wives told him lies when they said I do
And this last one took the money and the things Gary cared about
She took the dog and the boat, now he can't float cause she walked out


Gary looks out at the gulf and squints his eyes
He's thinking again of what might have been without them hard goodbyes
But Gary's got lots of stories about people and places he's been
Yeah, I've had a few of them good times too he said with a grin


And Gary's still down there on Padre a little sad but he's alright
If you head his way on some Sunday he'll drink with you all night


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: Mary
Like a summer wind I'm walking with you warm
Like a bay out on the ocean you can keep me from a storm
But now your face shows signs of coming rain

Mary what can I do to ease your pain
Mary I can't bear to see you cry
Mary wipe the tears out of your eyes
Say the word and I'll make it right
Mary you don't need to cry tonight

Like a ship movin' out to sea
The hurting in your eyes is plain for me to see
I've got the time to be with you awhile
So Mary dry your tears let me see you smile


You're as gentle as the waves rollin' in
And the time for me to go is coming once again
I won't be gone long just like the moon
Though you can't see me you know I'll be back soon


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: You Never Can Tell
I spent several days thinking of the ways I'd say we're through
But when I let you go I didn't know that I still cared for you
But last Saturday night beneath the barroom lights I saw you out with him
And in a matter of time I changed my mind I wanted you back again

Who'd a thought that I'd be feeling sorry
I'd have guessed that I'd be doing well
Well I saw you and my piece of mind went to pieces
It goes to show with love you never can tell

Well I did not go to the rodeo but I heard you were there
Now the talk of the town is the love you found they say you're quite a pair
I thought wait and see you'll be back with me it's just a matter of time
But something's changed they say you've got a different way of smiling since you were mine


Now it's lonely nights and neon light every day's just the same
Since a church room crowd gathered around to hear you change your name
So I sit and drink and sometimes think about getting out of town
But I never go 'cause you know she just might come back around


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: James' Blues
James washed dishes at a barbecue place Fifth Street downtown
He'd get his pay and go next door to drink his money down
I was just getting started playing guitar when I met him there
I'd finish a song he'd clap his hands noone else would but he didn't care

He'd yell out play Whiskey River and I'd play it as best I could
I'd take a break and he'd say, man you're really sounding good
I shook his rough dishwashing hands, he said his name was James
He'd go back to playing that pool every evening the same old thing

He was drinking away every single dollar
I'd play the song that he'd holler
He'd clap his hands and make everybody smile
No wife no kids just a job in Austin
No telling all that drinking cost him
I haven't seen James in awhile

James would ask the bartender for a ride home now and then
He said he lived a few blocks down at the Capitol Inn
The bartender dropped him off but James walked right on past
He didn't quit walking 'til he'd laid down beneath a busy underpass


James got drunker than usual and ended up in jail
The owner of the barbecue place came down and paid his bail
But when they got back to the place she said now James I got to let you go
James walked out that door forever and the rest nobody knows


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Track Name: If You Called
The lowering sun stretches shadows across the windy plain
I 'm thinking on the time that 's passed, how you never felt the same
When I said it 's hard to leave you said, it 's hard to watch you go
I shouldn't have believed you, but back then how could I know

I 'm trying hard not to love you
My heart don 't know that you don 't care at all
I say aloud that I do not need you
But I know I 'd come to you if you called

The moonlight down by the riverside must have played a trick upon my eyes
Cause I thought I saw forever with you, I could not realize
And I can 't stand to search this heart and find I still love you
And it hurts my pride to know I 'd take you back if you asked me to


I 'm trying to get you off my mind
But your love 's a memory I can 't leave behind


(Owen Temple)
© 1997 Owen Temple Music (BMI)