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Two Thousand Miles

by Owen Temple

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A friend asked me before his wedding day Tell me the truth I want to hear you say Is marriage a blessing or is it a curse I said, it's for better and for sometimes worse You're gonna be happy and sometimes so sad It feels good except when it feels bad And you'll know that you don't know a thing But day after day - you want to wear that ring You want to wear that ring It's hell when the two of you can't agree It's heaven just being with your family Growing hurts, but you grow and thrive Through it all you feel so alive Chorus He asked will I love her more or will I love her less And with all my heart I answered yes You'll take a ring and a ring you'll give Before you die you will surely live Chorus Why the all the questions Man you already know Chorus (Owen Temple & Wade Bowen) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI) / Stolen Taylor Music (ASCAP)
Sipping wine then taking shots is a stupid thing to do Last time I felt this bad, I was spending time with you Drank red wine and tequila now I'm hanging on the floor I've got a sick feeling, we can't do this anymore So I called to say goodbye, I can't argue on the phone I tried to love you baby but we're better off alone Like red wine and tequila, we're a bad combination All we feel together is sick frustration I've got some rough edges and you're smooth and refined We do alright apart but we're terrible combined We should have known better now it feels like hell Red wine and tequila, baby - we don't mix well You're sophisticated, always had a lot of class You take things slow and steady, sipping wine from a glass I was born impulsive, always got a new plan I drink a shot of liquor soon as it's in my hand If I make it through this, I swear to all my friends I have learned my lesson, never mix with you again Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
The lights in the arena and the crowd in the stands Fifteen hundred pounds of bull gripped tight in your hands Announcer says your name and the crowd goes wild I've had rodeo dreams since I was a child I ride in a rodeo a few times a year I get stomped and bucked and then I ride enough, I get muddy and bloody Then I swear it off again I've been trampled and broken and left in the dirt Cheered by fans through ten years of hurt Now I hung up my number, there's a ranch that I run Where a man can make a living working out in the sun Chorus My rodeo buddy he's doing real good He's holding on longer than they thought that he could He's got a chance in Vegas at the glory and wealth Some nights I wonder could I do it myself Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
See that U-haul truck filled with all that we own Parked in the driveway of our old home To cross this country by tomorrow night We're gonna hit the road in the morning light In a truck full of dreams And a handful of doubts But we put fear away After we pulled out Cause there's nothing we can't do baby No problem, no trials Two lovers, two days, And two thousand miles With you on one side and me driving on the other Nothing's comes between us, two young lovers We'll point this truck straight through the country's heart Go thousands of miles from where we start Chorus Yeah you and me baby we passed a test Hauling these two hearts across the Midwest Our friends called us crazy you know they were right Crazy in love as we drove out of sight Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
I go the other way if I see you first And I know you do the same I didn't think I'd see you out tonight 'Til I heard someone speak your name But we don't want to talk We don't want to share We go through the motions Just like we still care Like we still care I force myself to look okay You do your best to smile When I asked how have you been We visit for awhile Chorus Then I look out the window And you reach for a light The silence comes back colder And it won't let go tonight Chorus You stand there smoking silent And I move down the hall I step outside in darkness I promised you I'd call Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Dale was painfully shy back in high school But he worked up the nerve bought Carla a ring He hits the open mic every Friday But he can't drink enough to sing His momma said he shakes his leg like Elvis His daddy said he does no such thing He hits the open mic every Friday But he can't drink enough to sing And Carla says Honey would you like another whiskey I'd love it if you'd get up on that stage Honey I know you think singing's risky But you've written out the lyrics on a page Sweat drips off his brow into his bourbon With just the thought of banging on them strings He hits the open mic every Friday But he can't drink enough to sing Carla huffs and comes on to the waiter She looks around and fiddles with her ring She hits the open mic with him Fridays But he can't drink enough to sing Chorus Dale wakes up face down on his momma's driveway With tore up lyrics and a thrown out ring He won't hit the open mic next Friday 'Cause he can't drink enough to sing And his momma says Honey would you like another whiskey She'll love you if you'll get up on that stage Honey I know you think singing's risky But you've written out the lyrics on a page Dale was painfully shy back in high school But he worked up the nerve bought Carla a ring He hits the open mic every Friday But he can't drink enough to sing (Owen Temple & Jay Altizer) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
I quit smoking I quit drinking I quit staying out all night I quit drinking from the milk carton I quit starting barroom fights But there's one habit that I don't want to lose I just can't quit loving you I quit paying my bills late I quit driving cars too fast I quit wasting my good money On thrills that wouldn't last But I can't stand the thought if you and I were through I just can't quit loving you Love is harder on me Than anything else I find Messes with my heart, messes with my mind I guess I'll have to live with the love I have to do I just can't quit loving you When things got rough at work And I kept at it for awhile But when I'd finally had enough I quit Johnny Paycheck style But I'm still around after all that we've been through I just can't quit loving you Chorus I can't take any steps To leave behind your heart Without falling down honey Or falling apart And walking away is something I could never do I just can't quit loving you Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Racing down a track, a collision course If we crash neither one will survive the force Ramming into each other, fighting over the lane We'll both be twisted metal and a bent up frame Slamming into each other but the wheels are still turning We used to be lovers demolition derby Engines overheating, hearts taking a beating We used to be lovers demolition derby The last one to break apart wins But neither one will live to love again We trash each other like backroad punks Perfectly good love becomes a pile of junk Chorus Who better to tear the other apart Than the one who knows the secret places of the heart We know how to hurt each other so when love goes bad The one who used to make you so happy is gonna make you so sad We could end this race and call it a draw Call it a day before we wreck it all Seems like a waste when we've got a clear head All for bragging rights when love is dead Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
When you come how from work - dark house noone's there You might think that nobody cares If the telephone won't ring and no message is waiting You can't say that hope for love is fading If you don't want to be alone You don't have to stay at home Someone else is out there you are not the only One who hates to be lonely You don't have to be lonely When he saw her out one night, he said to himself I bet she's here to meet somebody else But a friend introduced her and a year later to the day Down on one knee he took her hand to say Chorus But time passes and seasons change They shared the same address and name but they lived separate lives It's a thing that can happen to husbands and wives They hadn't spoken for two weeks unless it was to shout When she asked him to think of moving out Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
I heard what happened, what they did to you I read it in the paper, could not believe it was true Scientists all met up as I understand it They changed their minds one more time, now Pluto's not a planet Pluto was once every astronomer's dream A few decades later, nothing's sacred it seems Now it lost its place in the planetarium set In orbit for centuries - the thanks that you get Today's star is tomorrow's black hole Fame in the solar system is a dangerous goal One day you're a planet, next day just a rock in space Left in the cold, fallen from grace He was the star of TV's Diff'rent Strokes Once people the world over were laughing at his jokes He made millions of dollars with his trademark phrase But it all went downhill after those glory days The TV show was cancelled, they said he wasn't funny Then he found out his parents spent all of his money Now he's doing his best as a security guard He never thought the acting gig would ever be this hard Today's star is tomorrow's black hole Fame in Hollywood is a dangerous goal One day you're a star, next day you're just a rock in space Left in the cold, fallen from grace And I know it isn't fair, celebrity's no gentle game You haven't got it made when everybody knows your name You may think your place in the stars is for sure A trip from the top to a rent-a-cop can make you feel insecure So take a lesson from former planets and former stars You might dream someday everybody knows who you are But astronomers are a fickle bunch, and the public just gets bored You might wake up to find you're not a planet anymore (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
My great grandfather was a rake and a rambler Good with the women but not a good gambler Bet away a fortune, and lost a family business Deep in East Texas, he died with no witness A son of a son, a father of fathers Rivers run from many waters My grandfather could be called a free thinker A poet, a painter, a pretty heavy drinker He'd show me his workshop on Galveston Island We'd go watch the ocean, he was a kind man Chorus My father tells me, that he's born again Says he's not lonely 'cause Jesus is a good friend Dad comes to visit and we get to talkin' Get past the tension when he first walks in Chorus I can hear him when he wakes up and I fix his breakfast Take him on school days, help him to get dressed Everyday he's bigger, learning all that he can Says he'll be a daddy when he's a grown man Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Well I've rambled coast to coast seen the cities of the plains Where they know my face but they don't know my name I made music and whiskey in the hills of Tennessee I forget more places than most folks ever see On the lonesome road I'm headed down The highways roll from town to town Just keep movin' on but might come back someday I've got miles to travel and a heart full of songs to play If I had a dollar for every song I've played I'd bet you a dollar that my bills would all be paid If I owed you a dollar for every love I lost Don't show me the tab I can't bear to know the cost Chorus When I get weary, I wonder where to go When the road gets dark and the nights get cold I want to find a place where restless souls like me Can hear an old fiddle tune and a harmony Chorus (Owen Temple) © 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI)


"His songs, even the rowdy ones, barrel straight through the roadhouse on the way to better, safer places, like the center of a woman's heart. He has a curl of Townes Van Zandt's spoken-word style of singing, which lifts the sincerity and power of his lyrics." -No Depression

"Great lyrics full of insight and plainspoken poetry."
-All Music Guide

"Owen Temple combines his heart and intellect to create music that hits the bull's-eye of the country soul." -Vintage Guitar Magazine

"With enough passion in his work to be one of the Texas cats that breaks trough nationally, Lloyd Maines' reliable production provides the right setting for such a thing to come together. This is the kind of set that makes you quite self-satisfied for knowing about it before everyone else." -Midwest Record

"a delightful array of lyric driven songs on Two Thousand Miles." -The9513.com


released January 29, 2008

Song Lyrics:

Produced by Lloyd Maines
Engineered by Cris Burns
Recorded at Bismeaux Studio, Austin, Texas

Owen Temple - Acoustic and Electric guitar, Harmonica
Lloyd Maines - Electric guitar, Steel, Mandolin, Dobro
David Grissom - Electric guitar
Glenn Fukunaga - Bass, upright bass
Riley Osbourn - Hammond B3 organ
Richard Bowden - Fiddle
David Sanger - Drums
Gordy Quist - Harmony vocals
Terri Hendrix - Harmony vocals


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